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クラーケン・ジャパン「販売所」モデルを開始 明朗会計で差別化を目指す/ Kraken Japan launched Instant Buy/Sell with the transparent fee policy

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Kraken Japan is pleased to announce that we launched an Instant Buy/Sell service. Our clients in Japan can now buy/sell and trade cryptocurrencies instantly and enjoy the transparency of our Instant Buy/Sell fee. 

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In Japan, if you want to get cryptocurrencies, one way is to go to a licensed crypto exchange like Kraken Japan. If you are not a large investor (or OTC trader), you have two options: use an order book or use instant buy/sell. 

Both have pros and cons, but in general an instant buy/sell model allows users to buy cryptocurrencies instantly and easily without having to search for the best price. So it is relatively popular among crypto newcomers.

We think transparency is important

In contrast to a typical order book model, where users have to look at several price information indicators such as bid/ask and then choose at which price to make a trade, an instant buy/sell model offers them an immediate price. Clients may be wondering how the price will be determined by exchanges. 

In the case of an instant buy/sell model, a sell price is higher than a buy price. For example, to sell Bitcoin users have to pay 5 million yen, while to buy Bitcoin they have to pay 5.1 million yen. 0.1 million yen is called “spread” and getting “spread” as a fee itself is normal as an exchange business in general. 

The point is how much fees a crypto exchange gets by using an instant buy/sell model. Kraken thinks fee transparency is critically important and publishes that we charge 1.5% for every transaction of buy, sell and trade. 

In the case of Kraken’s instant buy/sell, our clients can trade cryptocurrencies with peace of mind as it is clear how much is charged for each trade in the first place. 

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