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Welcome to Kraken Engineering

At Kraken, Engineering and technology innovation have been the lifeblood of our business since our inception. For more than ten years, Kraken has been committed to building a crypto platform with the highest standards for security, performance and reliability.

In that time, our people and systems have had to evolve under the enormous pressures of adoption and growth. We have learned a lot and strive to be as transparent as possible about the technical challenges we’ve encountered, and the strategies and solutions we’ve developed to meet those challenges.

Let us know if there are topics you would like to discuss or questions you might have regarding our technology stack.

Kraken is committed to supporting blockchain engineers

In 2020, Kraken donated over $500,000 to top projects like BTCPay, Brink and Gitcoin. We also helped several blockchain developers find full-time employment. If you or someone you know is seeking to take their career to the next level, we encourage you to check out our grants page and careers page.  

In 2021, we increased our total commitment to $700,000 in donations to support blockchain developer education, teams educating regulators and advocating for crypto investor rights, and open-source innovators building out next-gen crypto infrastructure.

We also made two contributions to assist with crucial Ethereum network upgrades and to the highly anticipated migration to Ethereum 2.0. And, we committed to support the next generation of crypto professionals with donations to Wyoming University and Black Bitcoin Billionaires.

2022 is a huge year for Kraken, and we are going to need help to meet our ambitious growth goals. If you are an engineer committed to doing work that unlocks the benefits of blockchain technology for the world, take a look at our open positions and join us.

Steve Hunt  –  VP of Engineering