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Kraken introduces tether-USD leverage & other enhancements to margin program

Kraken launched support for tether-USD (USDT/USD) trading on March 29 and now adds 2x leveraged margin trading for this pair. Further enhancements to the margin program include higher 5x leverage for other trading pairs:

  • Bitcoin-USD (XBT/USD): 5x
  • Ether-bitcoin (ETH/XBT): 5x
  • Ether-EUR (ETH/EUR): 5x
  • Ether-USD (ETH/USD): 5x

Margin trading for USDT/USD will help drive volume and liquidity, and may improve price discovery. In the past USDT traded very near $1 USD on confidence that USDT could be redeemed 1:1 for USD from the reserves held by Tether Limited (the company behind the Tether System). However, recently USDT price has come under sell pressure because, although Tether Limited claims to maintain full reserves, the ability to redeem USDT for USD has been temporarily suspended while they transition to a new banking partner.

Which USDT pairs and leverages are available?

  • USDT/USD: 2x

What are the USDT limits?

  • T1 = 2000 USDT
  • T2 = 7500 USDT
  • T3 = 20000 USDT
  • T4 = 75000 USDT

What are the margin fees?

  • Open: 0.01%
  • Rollover: 0.01%

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