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先日のご案内の通り、2023年1月9日午後7時(UTC 10AM)より、ウェブサイトの「入出金」ページを通じた法定通貨の入金および暗号資産の入庫機能が制限されます。




2022年12月28日   廃業の公告
2023年1月9日    新規入金機能の制限
2023年1月31日     出金・出庫の停止、暗号資産交換業の廃止
2023年2月1日       日本円への換価および供託手続きの開始
2023年2月中(予定)   供託手続きの完了のお知らせ



As previously announced, the function to deposit fiat currencies and crypto assets through the “Funding” page of the website will be restricted beginning January 9, 2023 at 7:00 PM (10AM UTC).

Fiat and crypto asset withdrawals will continue to be available. (Until January 31, 2023).

Please be careful when making new deposits, as it may take longer time to complete the process if the functional restrictions are initiated before your deposit process is completed.

Please refrain from making new deposits. If you have already saved or registered the bank account or an address for depositing into your Kraken account, when you make new deposits via these accounts, you may not be able to complete the deposit , or it may take time or days to complete the process.

2022/12/28   Public announcement about the winding down
2023/1/9    Restriction on new deposits
2023/1/31     Restriction on new withdrawals, Deregistration of the license
2023/2/1       Conversion of the remained balances to Japanese Yen
2023/2       Send to a Guarantee Account at the Legal Affairs Bureau


If you have any further questions about the above, or would like support in helping you transfer or withdraw your funds please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our customer support team is available 24/7.